Creating a right relationship

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LOVE is not about
finding da right
person,but creating
a right
relationship.its not
about how much love
u have in da beginning
but how much love u
build till d end..


d value of waiting

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d value

is a

of a Lifetime.

f we
ln0w hw

shall b

easy bcoz

LORD kn0ws
wat t0

give us
n d
right time..:)



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Horror: a genre of motion picture intended to thrill viewers by provoking fear/revulsion through the depiction of grotesque, violent or supernatural events.

- Horrorfest 2007 trailer.


life is all about

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life is all abt living up

each day 2 discover

sumthng new..abt

meetng old frnds bt

makng new


thru old roads bt

stil feelng nice abt

it..realizng dat u hav

grown a day older bt

stil feelng

young..having busy

skeds bt stil fndng

tym 4 fun..being

nostalgic abt gone

days bt stil looking

forward 2 better ones.. g’day!=p


i love my friends

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i love my friends.

i luv how dey laf at

me whnver i crack

s2pd jokes. i luv how

dey laf w/ me

whnver i feel high. i

luv how dey get

angry whnver i 4gt

my rspnsblties. i luv

how dey put my

heart bak 2gder aftr

it ws torn apart by

sme s2pd ass. and

yeah, i luv how dey

seem 2 mke the

world euphoric w/

just a hug and a pat

on d back.

and im inlove with the

idea that you are one

of them :)


Falling leaves

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D leaves of trees jz

keep falling..


U cnt alwys kip

Some1 2 urself 4evr.


u hav 2 let go.


U hav 2 remain


Lyk trees do..


Horror vs Suspense

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The difference between horror and suspense, Hitchcock said, is this: In a horror film, two people are having lunch at a table and then a bomb goes off. In a suspense film, the director shows you the bomb before they sit down.

-Alfred Hitchcock

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